Our company takes pride in our ability to manage complex projects from preconstruction through closeout.

With proven experience, our team is able to overcome difficult job conditions, limited budgets, and tight schedules. Estimators and Project Managers use today's technologies to complete proper takeoffs and produce accurate shop drawings. Managing budgets and schedules towards success is part of our day to day. How a project is built in the field is key to success, and proper training is vital. Our superintendents and foremen are well-versed in all scopes our company performs through experience and training. This allows our field personnel to install current details and material applications. Click below to skip to a service section. 


Exterior Restoration

We combine artisan craftsmanship with the newest technologies to provide authenticity and longevity of Restoration & Preservation Projects. Our company has built a solid reputation for being a leader in this specialty niche in the southeast region. Common scopes include: 

• Sandblasting & Pressure Washing

• Tuck Pointing

• Chemical Grouting

• Epoxy Injection

• Masonry & Concrete Repair


• Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

• Historical Restoration

• Brick & Concrete Replacement

• Stucco Repair

• Metal Restoration


Coatings & Waterproofing

Our field personnel is trained in a wide variety of waterproofing applications. We take great care to keep the installers current on training and certifications. Our company is ABAA and FCIA Certified. Common coatings and waterproofing scopes include: 

• Above & Below Grade Waterproofing Systems

• Membrane Waterproofing

• Bentonite Waterproofing

• Planter Waterproofing

• Metallic & Cementitious Waterproofing

• Plaza Deck Waterproofing

• Under Slab Waterproofing

• Dampproofing

• Air & Vapor Barrier System

• Exterior Wall Coatings

• Elastomeric Coatings

• Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic Systems

• Urethane Coatings

• Deck & Balcony Coatings

• Water Repellant Coatings

• Penetrating Floor Coatings

• Expansion Joint Systems

• Firestop Systems

• Smokestop Systems

• Joint Sealants & Caulking

• Exterior Wall Systems ( Dow Thermax System )

Material Certifications

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Our company has a highly trained team of Project Managers to assist Clients in determining the most appropriate products for their specific projects. Our team of managers are seasoned veterans of new, retrofit, and respray applications for the following scopes:

• Intumescent Coatings

• Spray Applied Fireproofing

• Spray-On Acoustical Insulation

• Spray Foam Insulation

Material Certifications